The Department of Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) is a new section that belongs to Uranus. The department is specialized in providing safe working environment and ensures the safety of personnel in terms of health and physical preservation. It also ensures that the environment will remain safe from the effects of pollutants that may result when conducting the oil activities.

In general, the HSE department can provide the following services:

 Preparation of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) reports for new projects.

 Preparation of technical studies on the environmental damage caused by existing projects.

 Preparation of studies, which aim to find solutions to environmental problems in the workplace.

 Carry out environmental surveying to investigate the types of risks and measurements of pollutants.

 Supplying the equipments needed for testing and measuring of the pollutant materials.

 Carry out cleansing and treatment for polluted areas.

 Providing scientific and technical advice in dealing with hazardous chemicals.

 Establishment & supplying of environment laboratories.

 Identifying mined areas and carry out the mine actions.

 Supplying Safety equipments.

 Supplying first aid equipments.

 Establishment & supplying health centers.

 Supplying and installation of safety signs and risk identification.

 Conducting training courses in the above fields.





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